B.o.B – So Good

Posted: 20 Februari 2012 in Download Audio, Music Video, R&B, Rap, Rapper, Review, Song Lyrics

Artist : B.o.B
Title : So Good
Album : Strange Clouds
Video’s Release Date :  20 Maret 2012
Indonesia’s Released by : unreleased


Pengaruh musikalitas Ryan Tedder memang terdengar saat dominan saat dirinya berperan sebagai produser untuk sebuah single. Demikian juga saat kita mendengarkan So Good, yang merupakan single ketiga B.o.B untuk album keduanya, Strange Clouds. Hentakan rock dan konsentrasi pada drum yang berderap serta melodu yang harmonis memang menjadi andalan Tedder, sehingga tidak mengherankan, meski B.o.B tetap tampil dengan ciri khasnya, tetap saja single Hip Hop ini terdengar sangat Tedder-ish. Bahkan agak mengingatkan single-single One Republics. Ritme yang bergerak santai dan tidak pernah kehilangan unsur manisnya adalah ciri khas So Good. Single dirilis pada tanggal 21 Februari.

source : creativedisc.com

Music Video

Lirik Lagu

[B.o.B – Verse 1]
Drinking a German beer with a Cuban cigar
In the middle of Paris with a Dominican bar
Great head on her shoulders, she probably studied abroad
She transfered to Harvard from King’s College in March
She says that I’m her favorite cause she admires the art
Michelangelo with the flow, Picasso with the bars
She’s well put together like a piece by Gershwin
Rennaisaince style, tonight is picture perfect
So mmile, and pack your bags real good baby
Cause you’ll be gone for a while, while while

Girl tell me how you feel
What your fantasy
I see us on a beach down in Mexico
You can put your feet up
Be my senorita
We ain’t gotta rush
Just take it slow

You’ll be in the high life
Soaking up the sunlight
Anything you want is yours
I had you living life like you should
You say you never had it so good

La la-la la-la la-laaa
You never had it so good
La la-la la-la la-laaa

[Verse 2]
Suffering from first class cabin fever
Five hour layovers from Norway to Egypt
I’m to the point like the pyramids of Giza
Still lean to the left like the tower out in Pisa
I’m feeling single baby
I could use a feature
Swagger like Ceaser, I’ll get you a visa
We can go to Italy, and maybe see the Colosseum
I’ll be Da Vinci if you’ll be my Mona Lisa
So smile, and pack your bags real good baby
Cause you’ll be gone for a while


[Verse 3]
Well I been feeling singular
How about let’s make it plural
Spin the globe, wherever it lands that’s where we’ll go
We’ll hit up Europe, yep, and spend some Euros
And maybe visit Berlin, the wall’s with the murals
This is your month baby, sign of the Virgo
Private reservations, glasses full of merlo
A rose, a burgundy, travel like turbo
Brush up on your Espanol
We’ll Barcelona bounce
So mmile, and pack your bags real good baby
Cause you’ll be gone for a while


[Hook x4]

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